This is the Photographer. His name is Rob. As a rule nobody ever takes his picture. So he was amazed to find that this one, taken with his borrowed camera, came out okay. If it ever happens again, he'll be sure to publish it right here.

This is what he LOVES to do. Theater, Headshot Photography, Portrait Booth for Weddings and Parties and Breathing.

If you have need of any of the aforementioned services give this honest looking fellow a call or drop him an email. Rates are reasonable and in some cases negotiable. Work is ABSOLUTELY,  100% Guaranteed!!

Phone: 978-965-4455
Mobile: 603-489-8546 (sometimes this is the best way to reach him)


Welcome to the online home of Portrait Perfect Events. This is the place where you can download the files from your event or purchase prints. Some files are available for free download others require a small payment. Feel free to contact me with any questions.